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Other frequently asked questions

Account Questions

Can anyone create a student account?

Anyone can become a Student on the CoureSave Platform. By default when a user logs in initially they are registered as a Student.

What is an Instructor?

An Inatructor is anyone or institution with learning content to share with Students.

Anyone can create a free course on CoureSave. If you want to charge students a fee for your courses, however, you will need to apply to become an Instructor.

The application is free, and is usually approved within 2 business days.

What is the process of becoming a Instructor?

Online instructors perform the same duties as class teachers. The key difference is that they use the Internet to deliver instruction to their students. They may work with children of all school grades, and may teach one subject or a number of subjects. Online instructors follow curriculum guidelines to develop their lesson plans and use tests and assignments to assess student progress.

Completing the Instructor Application

After you click on “Apply to become an Instructor button, your application to become and instructor will be sent to our team to be review. This process will normally take 24-48 hours.

To assist with the approval process, following these steps with regard to updating your user profile:

  1. ​​​Enter your name or company name.
  2. Include a 60 character headline, or quick description of your expertise.
  3. Write a short bio.
  4. Enter your billing address and phone number
  5. Upload a profile picture
  6. Accept CoureSave Terms of Service.
  7. Select your payout method (please see below)

Selecting Your Payout Method

Once you have entered your information, you will be prompted to select your payout method. Instructors can receive their payouts via PayPal.

How to Monetize your Courses?

COureSave’s frontend builder makes building your online courses much easier. Ones your request to become an Instructor has been approved, you will now have the option to create courses.

The frontend interface is intuitive – it lets you preview your courses fast, at the same time do the editing. Also, by using it, your instructors don’t require coding knowlegde to be able to create courses.

Under your Dashboard on the top right menu bar, elect to Create A New Course.

How to update your profile?

Create stylish call-to-action buttons with Qubely Buttons. Play around with typography, design, border and more. Add animations and personalize it to engage visitors instantly.

Course Related

What types of courses are offered on our Platform?

For now we are focusing on basic online learning for Entreprenuers, SME, the Informal Sector and anyone willing to learn basic to intermediate skills in the following areas:

  1. Creating a Business Idea
  2. Setting Up a Business Entity
  3. Basic Principles of Financial Literacy
  4. Online Marketing/Networking
  5. Introduction to Information Technology
  6. Common Business Tools
  7. Investment Opportunities
What other Resources to we Offer?

Our network partners offer easy access and support for our users in the following areas:

  1. Web Hosting Capabilities
  2. Job Board Listing
  3. Financial Literacy Training
  4. Business Mentoring & Incubation
  5. CrowdFunding Support
Are our Courses Assessed?

To a large extent our intial focus is on SME’s and Entreprenuers operating in and around Papua New Guinea. And to make learning accessible the majroity of our courses are FREE and tailored to our target users needs.

Quizes will be given where applicable and Certificates of Participation/Achievement will be generated and sent to participants autometically on completion of enrolled courses.


What do you receive at the end of the Course?

Depending on the nature of the courses offered, students may receive a Certificate of Participation/Achievement upon complition of the course.

The majority of our courses are accompanied by additional resources in the form of Notes/Handouts (downloadable PDF format/Video) for reference purposes.

Who are our Instructors?

Our instructors are industry experts with decades of experience in their respective fields of expertise.